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One of my hobbies is observation; I like to work at noticing everything. Noticing inevitably leads to pondering which always leads to writing. That might be me in a nutshell.

Two things about fish and cocktails:

There is real value in the pan frying technique that uses both butter and olive oil. Never have I gotten such amazing flavor, crisp crust, and light taste. These are tilapia fillets breaded in panko crumbs, pan fried in butter/olive … Continue reading

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Numerology, Law of Attraction, The Things We Say Out Loud

A little Twitter fun: On 5-21 I posted “Fellow creatives, please send recommendations. I need to pad my feed with more creative energy”. Two weeks later, a little play on numbers revealed the writing + yoga project Bindu Wiles began: … Continue reading

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I take it back.

I’ll do the yoga. I’ll be nice to myself. But I’m totally gonna start running again. I caught a side view of a belly roll. As in “dunlap”. Not ready for that. No, not at all.

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Chamblin’s Book Mine Downtown Jacksonville, Florida

About 13 years ago, when my oldest mancub was a baby, I frequently trolled around my favorite book store while he napped in his stroller. He was an excellent sleeper of a baby, usually taking a 4 hour daily nap. … Continue reading

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Working: Jacksonville Public Library Downtown & More Magnificat

Did you know schizophrenic homeless prostitutes like to sit in the leather armchairs of the foreign language section of the public library?????? Me either. They are kind of funny! They¬† have the system down: come in, get searched, grab a … Continue reading

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Downtown Jacksonville: Magnificat Cafe

The biggest drawback to working from the library is having to pack everything up in order to get a cup of coffee or lunch or run to the bathroom. I suppose it will help me to travel light and clean … Continue reading

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