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To the woman who will soon marry my ex-husband….

Dear Cathy, You don’t know me, yet if we met under different circumstances, we’d surely be friends. There’s so many things we share in common that sometimes looking at your facebook likes is like looking at a mirror. That’s irony … Continue reading

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It’s quiet now.

I keep writing in my head. I guess that’s inevitable; words make me tick. Projects and goals keep me disciplined and accountable. Without them, my time fills. This is reflected both in my quiet blog and in my growing backside. … Continue reading

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These days are tender.

These are 18 hour days. Long days, with multiple tracks and twists too complex for me to do anything but smile and continue moving forward. There is not energy nor time for untangling confusion that is designed like a net. … Continue reading

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Happy Friday.

I love me some things about Fridays. I love that they are date night. And if they aren’t date night with Some One Else, I make them date night with Me. And I’m too blue to do even that, there … Continue reading

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…help me to accept the things I can not change….

The self-realization of the day: Absorption is not always easy or fast. Struggling to absorb something is not the same thing as refusing to accept it or fighting to change it. Needing time is valid. Even when we understand the … Continue reading

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Once upon a time, there was girl. And she was very glad. And then she got lost.

The ocean was tranquil and blue today, with waves like wrinkles in my blanket. I’d spent this morning running hard, pounding out memories and fantasies I didn’t want to dwell on and I went ocean-side wanting more pounding, angry waves. … Continue reading

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So she took her love, for to gaze awhile, upon the fields of barley.

We’re going on vacation. “A trip with a lover!”, a friend said. I’ve been smiling at that thought for days. We’re going to the mountains to Hike and Breathe and make Simple Farm Food and maybe Look at Art. There … Continue reading

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