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In essence, organic, unfettered, pure.

Moon Phases.

There’s a Half Moon in the sky tonight; did you see it? It suits my mood, this feeling that I’m Halfway There even if I don’t really know what or where The End is. I think I’ll know When I … Continue reading

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Once upon a time, there was girl. And she was very glad. And then she got lost.

The ocean was tranquil and blue today, with waves like wrinkles in my blanket. I’d spent this morning running hard, pounding out memories and fantasies I didn’t want to dwell on and I went ocean-side wanting more pounding, angry waves. … Continue reading

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I still cry in Savasana.

Today I was able to Make It Back to my yoga class. Today I remembered to Stay on My Mat. When we got to Savasana, My Eyes Wept. When I walked out into the sunshine I had a new idea … Continue reading

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About those fields of barley….

I wrote my last post and titled it, focused on the Fields of Gold. About a week later we decided to take a local hike recommended by our innkeeper. It was to a bald, a spot called Max Patch Mountain. … Continue reading

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Learning to be the grown up in my relationship with fear.

I almost fell out of my chair this morning when I saw Bindu’s writing prompt and Day 4 thoughts were regarding fear. I swear this project is eerie. Over and over again I see my thoughts “read” and answered by … Continue reading

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Catcherto. I dare you not to feel happier after watching.

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4th of July

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