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Motherhood Observations: Longing for baby days

Have you ever noticed how the years you have small children in the house, it seems like it will last forever?And then, when the babies are gone, it seems like it all went so fast? I had 5 children over … Continue reading

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It’s been a crappy day. AKA It’s time to play dead in Savasana.

Yesterday was 20 hours long. My daughter had a trip that required we rise before dawn. She returned just before midnight. I worked in between. She played at Disney. She did not come home happier. Because apparently I am the … Continue reading

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The summer of her 12th year.

A green year, a fertile time. 2010. She still ‘plays’ outside but sometimes, if I’m cooking, she comes to the kitchen window to watch and talk. So much life happening in her thoughts these days.

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I remember when blogging was simple.

Once upon a time, in the summer of 2005, I had just moved into a two bedroom apartment with my four children and husband. We were on a “great adventure”, changing states, changing lives, because Much Had Gone Wrong with … Continue reading

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