Happy Friday.

I love me some things about Fridays.

I love that they are date night. And if they aren’t date night with Some One Else, I make them date night with Me. And I’m too blue to do even that, there is always an Al-Anon meeting on Friday evening to fall back on.

I love that they are Grocery Day after a long week of Scraping To Get By.

I love that when the kids come home, the pantry will be full.

I love that I must clean on Fridays because no matter what, for at least an hour and usually longer, my house is completely clean once.

I love that my inbox is light. I love seeing old people meander through the store aisles. I love that the phone only rings with calls from friends because most of the people I work for take the day progressively off.

I love having a moment to take the time to walk through a new grocery store, try a new food, and do so just because I knew I needed to nurture myself a little this morning.

I love finding new plants on clearance sale as a result of merchant’s mad rush to get Christmas things up. I love being able to walk into my landlord’s office and Pay The Rent.

I really love knowing I have more tools to fall back on as we head Back To Court than I did last time.

It’s Friday. I’ve been ready since Tuesday. And I want to savor every gift the day has to offer.

(I also want to to discover what is causing that persistent smell in my kitchen! It smells like unpacked lunch box!)


About tiajulianna

Creative spirit with a soul that is healing; inquisitive mind, maternal heart and very stubborn redhead who believes People Are Beautiful.
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