A sprained neck. This could be a problem.

After my mind-bending yoga class on Friday, I felt great.

On Saturday I had one of the best days of this year to date. Calm, relaxing, cozy. I still felt great.

Sunday was pretty and glorious and light. Until 3 pm through bedtime, when I gradually couldn’t turn my head or lift anything.

By bedtime I was in too much pain to sleep. That has only ever happened to me before as my body was opening for childbirth.

I spent the night awake, worrying on problems, using ice and heat and Arnica and Tylonol an then wine. At 7:01, when his alarm would have ordinarily gone off, I called The Love and begged him to come get me. I wanted a doctor.

I guess I have a sprained neck. This is much like spraining an ankle that swells, only it’s the neck. The suspected cause is a yoga pose that had my feet up high in the air, where I accidentally rolled all the way over backwards. Funny at the time, notsomuch right now. It’s swollen, pressing on my vocal chords and throat. I have shooting pains down my arms to the back of my hands that come and go. Unlike a crick, where you can’t turn your head because misplaced vertebrae won’t allow it, I can turn my head. Not without pain and gasping though, so I”m pretty much staying still.

Vicodin, huge Ibuprophen, and a muscle relaxer who’s name escapes me. I never take this much pain medicine. My childbirths were natural. I rarely get sick, I rarely get hurt. This is odd territory for me.

The dreams are incredible. I have come up with two new tart recipes that may be fantastic. I have created a Fried Chicken Pie that might be too weird. I flew over pine trees, swam through an ocean with a manatee into a shaded a swamp for warm winter waters. I have heard voices wafting in out of my sleeping room, some real, some imagined. I tried to worry but it wouldn’t work, until it did and I let the doses lapse in order to be lucid for an hour to Check In. The spasms are going to cut this short but not before I get some eggs.

I’ve got today with Room To Be Down and then I must Get Back To Work, ready or not here I come.

I wish I hadn’t slept through Solstice.

About tiajulianna

Creative spirit with a soul that is healing; inquisitive mind, maternal heart and very stubborn redhead who believes People Are Beautiful.
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2 Responses to A sprained neck. This could be a problem.

  1. whollyjeanne says:

    well, the last 3 paragraphs are a real tickle. the others? not so much. just promise you’ll stay down as long as it takes and not push back into the swing of things too soon.

  2. Oh noes … that is so not good! On the other hand, the Universe clearly told you to stay put and rest. Who knows what brilliant insight you will birth through those wild dreams? šŸ™‚ I hope you are feeling better soon. (sends you some Reiki energy for a smooth journey through whatever this is.)

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