Getting in touch with my inner viking: where’s my steel bra?

So….I’m redheaded. And fair skinned. As in, “zero melanin”. And it’s friggin’ 104 out there today. Which means I’m wilted in .02 seconds of standing outside.

I will not consider this a problem worth whining about. I will consider it the opportunity to get in touch with my genetic heritage: namely, some former version of me probably had waist-length braids, liked to sail on white capped seas and make “Gor” his dinner over an open fire, all while wearing a steel bra and fur skirt. My name is “Greta” and I’m a Swedish Viking.

See? It already feels cooler in here.It’s the Nordic wind I tell ye.

I had some vicious creative energy today. Made all my work deadlines and had a major project insight too. Quite the contrast to yesterday’s incubation. Perhaps that dip led to this day’s surf-able high.

Creative high’s are intense. The fire in my eyes starts to kind of hurt after a few hours. I’m driven in this mood; it’s best not to get in my way on days like today. They actually are low-conflict days too…I think I’m so focused on what I’m getting done that I streamline completely. If energy like this could be channeled I think the resulting productivity might be frightening.

Maybe I’ll find out.

I know a large factor in the genesis of this mojo is the community factor of 21.5.800. I innately love the tribal aspect of it. Maybe it’s like calling deep into the past, where Greta lived on frigid salt air and made her home in meadow. Vikings always have tribes. Most ancient societies did. What I like about this tribe is that we are all so diverse. We share a common goal of creating and moving but our experiences are uniquely our own.

This has come at the perfect time in my journey.  I knew 2010 would be a big, dynamic year without knowing why. The surprises at the half-way point have already astounded me. I know this is true for others too. I’m sure back in Greta’s day she had to rise each morning ready to openly face whatever challenge was before her. That steel bra was really chest armor for days when Things Got Messy.

I think we should all get one.

About tiajulianna

Creative spirit with a soul that is healing; inquisitive mind, maternal heart and very stubborn redhead who believes People Are Beautiful.
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