Today’s Library Cast of Characters

  • I’ll call them “the huddled masses”…approximately 40 homeless men waiting in the plaza for the library to open, thronging to the doors upon the opening hour. In a building this size they quickly dispersed and disappeared. Having once been somewhat violated in the old downtown library, this sight gave me pause. (Old homeless man jerked off while reading a book and watching me work at a table nearby; I was 18). These guys are known by the friendly security staff, being homeless and less-than-clean is not a crime, and they seem to have Things To Do. Maybe they’re all looking on for jobs.
  • “Reggie” (or so I call him for now). Very hairy man working in the quiet room. Last week he had B.O so badly I had to leave the room. Today he smells fine. Nice computer, quiet voice, coke-bottle glasses. Working remotely like me.
  • “Dee” and “Saquesha”. (Dee is my guess, Saquesha’ s for real) College girls with nice laptops, yarn beret-style caps, listening to Hoobastank.  I feel racist for having expected to hear rap or r & b. They just switched out all the lightbulbs in the quiet room lamps so they could sit next to each other at desks with working lights. Lots of perfume. They seem nice and fortunately, use earbuds for the music, putting “Quiet” back into “Quiet Room”. Anyway, the connect down here is slowing to a crawl, so they’re debating packing it up.
  • Let’s call ’em “Man1” , “Woman1” and “Woman2”. Three large red-necks. Man1 has on a ball cap. They have with them a very new, very tiny, very red,  BABY. She’s got no hat, no socks, no blanket. She is screaming. Woman1 has her pressed up a very large bosom, jostling her around boistrously. The baby must feel like she’s landed on an earthquake planet where everything moves, shakes, and feels cold. Woman2 is trying to cram a bottle into the baby’s little mouth, which is only making her cry harder. Man1 ignores it all, on his laptop. Woman1 gets out her cell phone and adds to the mayhem on speaker phone. I have an unbelievable urge to offer to swaddle the baby. Which I just did to the reply of, “She done got mad and when gets mad, she stays mad. She don’t like blankets no more.” Yeah lady…her second day on the planet and she’s capable of regulating her body temperature while nearly naked in a cold building. She sounds really happy about that too. Gee Whiz.

About tiajulianna

Creative spirit with a soul that is healing; inquisitive mind, maternal heart and very stubborn redhead who believes People Are Beautiful.
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