Working: Jacksonville Public Library Downtown & More Magnificat

Did you know schizophrenic homeless prostitutes like to sit in the leather armchairs of the foreign language section of the public library??????

Me either.

They are kind of funny! They  have the system down: come in, get searched, grab a book, settle into a chair. Their voices are raspy and one of them is convinced there are hidden cameras in the books. The other just wants to take a nap and keeps telling her friend to go down to the bank and get a cup of coffee. They are comparing notes on the hot dog man down the street and trying to decide if it’s too hot to walk down there or not to get one. The raspier one wants a smoke so she’s gonna head on down and her friend, the sleepy one, just yawned and stretched, and curled up in her chair as if she were a tabby cat before a stone fireplace.

That was Friday. From the Foreign Language section I moved to the 4th floor, where I learned how loud my persistent cough really could be.



By 10:45 today, a few things were true: I had finished one screaming well-check and shots with my little boy, I had already driven close to 100 miles, and I was ravenously aware that eventually one must ingest more than repeated cups of coffee.

I was at the Magnificat at 10:50 sharp, which happend to be 10 minutes before they opened. It was just enough time to snap a few pictures and ponder the upcoming “voted best burder in downtown”. It’s been a down right mild 24 hours in Florida….amazingly odd for late August.

church across the street from The Magnificat & Hemmnig Plaza: Jacksonville

church across the street from The Magnificat & Hemmnig Plaza: Jacksonville

Today the jazz was soft and feminine. Sort of sulty and lazy and very counter the Monday vibe. I liked it. Being the first customer has it’s perks too. No lines, no waiting, a little conversation. The burger was huge. The focaccia bun makes it sort of an “herby” flavor, almost mediterranean. I guess in order to know if it’s “the best downtown” I’d have to try a few more. That’ s unlikely though….this place is convenient and has a happy aura. This burger was juicy and like the sandwich I tried last week, just too big for me to comfortably eat in one sitting. I’d like to find a way to take a cut half to one of the many homeless people around here but I’m not quite sure how to do that.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about old patterns and how we go about breaking ourselves of them. New surroundings help. New faces do too. It’s good to remember how big the world can be.


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Creative spirit with a soul that is healing; inquisitive mind, maternal heart and very stubborn redhead who believes People Are Beautiful.
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