Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?

I was recently on vacation in the mountains and was thus reminded of how those hilly wooded acres are home to so many birds. We’d slept with the windows open, letting in very cool night air, and woke to songs and chirps and feathered mating calls.  When we got home, the sky was silent. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed before how quiet the summer months are in Florida, unless those damned cicadas are scratching in the pines.  Only at the beach have I seen much activity, with hovering gulls and heavy pelicans. The sandpipers dance more than sing. I wonder if it was always this way or back when Florida was truly tropical, not yet drained, were there non-migratory colorful birds screeching and cawing? Just now I hear a Cardinal who seems to be looking for something. It’s an appropriate sound.

About tiajulianna

Creative spirit with a soul that is healing; inquisitive mind, maternal heart and very stubborn redhead who believes People Are Beautiful.
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