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Half Acre

Half Acre (Dan Messe) I am holding half an acre Torn from the map of Michigan And folded in this scrap of paper Is the land I grew in Think of every town you’ve lived in Every room you lay … Continue reading

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Tell me a story…

“It was with great joy and delight that she took the dirty container that once held the pork marinade and added it, rinsed, to the dishwasher. Perhaps to most onlookers, feeling joy over something so mundane would be like raising … Continue reading

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Happiness, by Jane Kenyon

Follow the link; it’s worth it. Happiness, by Jane Kenyon

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Lost and Found

There are two memories that stand out in my mind of being lost when I was a child. The first one took place in one of the many, many fabric stores I spent time in, shopping with my mom. I … Continue reading

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Another point of view….

I found this poem compelling. It’s probably offensive. But the frustration resonates. Hat tip: Laura. Sarah’s List Kilian McDonnell | JUNE 22, 2009 Listen to me, Lord. I have a list. You said to Abraham: Go, leave your fathers’ graves! … Continue reading

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Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?

I was recently on vacation in the mountains and was thus reminded of how those hilly wooded acres are home to so many birds. We’d slept with the windows open, letting in very cool night air, and woke to songs … Continue reading

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